Hand Sewn Kilts - Lightweight Tartan (10oz)

Hand Sewn Kilts - Lightweight Tartan (10oz)
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All Kilts are hand sewn in Scotland, made from 100% woven pure new wool.

We would recommend 6 yards lightweight for a ladies kilt and 8 yards for a gents, if a gent is over a 46 waist we would recommend 9 yard kilt to keep the same amount of pleats in the rear of the kilt.

Not all tartans are available in all weights so please check our list of available tartans from the top menu.

*Waiting time for made to measure kilts is 4-6 weeks.  The time for making a kilt can differ from tartan to tartan.

If you're tartan is not listed please get in contact as some tartans are difficult to source.

We have our own Kiltmakers so we can offer our customer a fully handmade kilt which has become a rare service.

Made from 100% worsted wool, our handmade kilts have a full 8 yards of  material with the kilt being fully hand-stitched including the pleats. Additionally, they are made with 3 sizing straps, 2 around the waist and 1 around the hips for better shaping round the body which adds to the 'swing' of the pleats, 2 belt loops at the back of the kilt and 2 hanging loops.

Our handmade kilts can be 're-made' in the future which means the kilt can stay in your family for generations. 'Re-making' allows us to open the kilt back up into 8 yards of material and completely re-size it to fit another set of measurements. An extremely worthwhile investment.

You can speak with Kenny before, during or after you place your order and we can answer any questions you may have. Once your order has been placed, We will contact you if any sizes or details do not look ‘standard’. With years of experience, Kenny will make sure you receive the perfect Highlandwear garment.

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